lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Places to go

I would like to go to Merida by car with my family for boarding themoor, I would like to go in December because it's colder. I would goa coat, blue jeans, a pair of snow boots, gloves, scarf and hat for the cold. I would also like to go to Margarita Island by plane, heading to my family and enjoy the tropical beaches. I like to go on holiday to enjoycarefree, would use a pair of flip flops, sunglasses, hat, shorts andshirts. to go to a party would use shoes, a shirt, pants and belt. would goby car depending on distance. and if a family would go with my family but if a friend would go alone. I like going to the dunes of Coro and climb the high mountains ofsand, to be in choir I would move by car, to go, would use light clothes because it is windy and the sand gives itching although it isfun to be there. would use sunglasses, shoes and socks and go home I would go running to take a bath and take off my kilos of sand that I brought from the dunes. (LOL) to another place where I would like to go to Las Vegas to enjoy theroads at night, I would go by plane because it is very far from my home here in Maracaibo, and would use a tuxedo and dress shoes.I like to go with my best friends for fun throughout the night.

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